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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management (HSEQ)

Here at Hydrovac we have just implemented our new Business Management System which is built to conform to:


  • ISO9001 for Quality,

  • AS/ NZS 4801 for Safety and

  • ISO14001 for the Environment

  • Energex WCS 61 and 72.1


We are Accredited for:


  • Underground services locators with Telstra

  • Directional Drilling with Energex

  • Business Management System with Energex

HSEQ Policy

Hydrovac Excavations commitment to providing a safe, healthy environment and experience for its staff, and visitors. It sets out the guidelines and procedures to be followed to ensure compliance with OH&S, environmental legislation and related codes of practice and industry standards.


To achieve and maintain the management of this policy; Hydrovac Excavations is committed to providing zero harm to people and the environment by providing a safe and healthy work environment for staff, and ensuring that staff and other persons to Hydrovac Excavations controlled workplaces are not exposed to health and safety risks.


 Hydrovac Excavations will provide staff, appropriate guidance and training in the identification, assessment and control of hazards at Hydrovac Excavations controlled workplaces through our staff induction program and ongoing training program. Hydrovac Excavations expects that staff, contractors and visitors will cooperate with established OH&S procedures, take responsibility for their own actions and not put themselves or others at risk. Hydrovac Excavations will commit to:


  • Effectively consulting and communicating with our people and contractors to obtain an agreed approach to the control of workplace hazards and prevention of unsafe practices;

  • Accurate reporting of all work place risks & incidents’ by all managers, employees and sub-contractors;

  • Monitoring and evaluating our health, safety, quality and environmental performance through regular audit programs and periodical review our policies and procedures to maintain their relevance.

  • Preventing pollution and minimise any adverse effects our operations may have on the environment.

  • The identification of OH&S risks and issues and ensuring that they are taken seriously and addressed promptly to mitigate the risk of harm.

  • Provide and comply with our customer care and service guidelines to ensure customer quality, satisfaction and value.

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